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Santa Barbara Reunion Cruise (Nov 4th - 8th, 2019)

Santa Barbara has continued to delight devoted fans more than 25 years after the airing of its final episode on January 15, 1993. Now fans of the show will have a rare and exclusive opportunity to catch up with some of their favorite stars on the first-ever Santa Barbara Reunion Cruise, which sails on November 4 through 8 from Miami to The Bahamas on Royal Caribbean’s newly-modernized Navigator of the Seas

All guests who book by June 30 will automatically be entered to win a private lunch with the cast member of their choice.

The five-day and four-night sailing will bring together six original Santa Barbara cast members. Cruisers will be able to meet Lane Davies (Mason Capwell), A Martinez (Cruz Castillo), Judith McConnell (Sophia Capwell), Harley Jane Kozak (Mary Duvall), Louise Sorel (Augusta Wainwright) and Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge). The cruise is a private group within an existing sailing being produced by Davies and Emmy Award-winning TV producer Chrystal Ayers (The Bay) in partnership with Cruises Only, America’s largest cruise travel agency.
During the sailing, Santa Barbara fans will have the opportunity to interact with all participating cast members at several events. The cruise package includes a sail away cocktail party with the cast, a fantastic Q&A, Santa Barbara trivia games, a themed fan gift bag, and cabana rentals in Perfect Day CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s 125-acre private island. Guests can also choose from two additional options offering even more opportunities to get up close and personal with their favorite Santa Barbara stars. For an additional $150 per person, the Grand Cruz Cabana Experience offers tea and conversation with the ladies of Santa Barbara as well as coffee and conversation with the men of Santa Barbara and a farewell Sip n’ Sail party. For the ultimate fan, the Capwell Concierge Experience, an additional $300 per person, also includes a private meet & greet with the stars, photo & autograph session and wine tasting

Per person prices for the Santa Barbara Reunion Cruise start at $1,262.42 based on double occupancy. Single, triple and quad pricing are available upon request. 

As Michael Ausiello said “First comes the cruise, then comes the revival!”, so it’important you share this event on every social network you are in.

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Exclusive interview with Stephen Meadows

("Peter Flint" on Santa Barbara)

Stephen Meadows now
Stephen Meadows just granted me an interview about his work on “Santa Barbara” as Peter Flint.He played the first villain and psychopath of the show and became very popular thanks to the “Carnation Killer” storyline. He also had a role on “One life to live” and several TV movies since he left “Santa Barbara”. He left the acting career in 1999. I highly recommend you to read this interview because Stephen has been very generous and he has shared with us a lot of memories and anecdotes. You’re gonna enjoy it!

Reading your biography, I see you are a poliedric artist: architect, actor, musical composer, painter, photographer and sculpturist. But could you tell me something about your childhood and your passions back then?
I grew up in Atlanta and was exposed to a great deal of bigotry and prejudice, both in my family and schools. At a young age, I always wanted to experience a more accepting society. As a result, I think my 'crutch' as a kid was drawing and painting. I remember removing myself from very conservative discussions with my parents and heading to a closet I converted to a mini-art studio. God provides all of us with gifts, some help us make a living, and others, not so much. I was very lucky, and as a child felt that drawing/design was a tool that could carry me forward.
Since then, I have been able to utilize that gift when needed to 'service the debts' in life.
Music and other interests were also important to me, but the talent gift was most identifiable in my drawing ability, as I saw many friends quickly surpass me in their understanding and mastery of music.
As for other passions at the time, it was girls and football. So in that regard, I was a typical 'good-ol-boy.

How the acting career came to you?
I was teaching a design course at San Francisco State University when a student, that was also a casting director for commercials, convinced me to try out for an 'Almaden Wine' commercial.
Eve Marie Saint & Jeffrey Hayden
I landed the spot (beginner's luck) and made enough money that it convinced me to jump in. The commercial also allowed me to get a SAG union card, as I would never have ventured into Los Angeles without it.
At the time, (1984), the film and TV business was fairly well controlled by the unions. This is not so much the case any longer due to the Internet.
My time line of six months was just around the corner, and I had not landed any significant roles. I had a guest-starring role on Night Rider and a few day’s work on another episodic I can’t remember, but the feedback from my auditions was holding up, so I held out.
My agents sent me to NBC for a new soap: Santa Barbara. I did not have a high opinion of soaps.  The performances appeared forced, and the high-contrast look of videotape in 1984 made all the characters look plastic. But I was told this was going to be a ‘different’ soap.
Jeffrey Hayden was producing and directing. He had directed Peyton Place and was married to Eva Marie Saint, the Oscar-winning actress.
After multiple auditions and meetings with Jeffrey and the producers, the final day came. I waited in the lobby to be called—and waited. After an hour, I put my feet up on the couch and dozed off. Producers walked by in bewilderment. Finally, I was called and aced the reading. The role was mine.
Being cast on SB was really my first foray into serious acting, and didn't happen until I was 34. That year that I decided to take a leap and switch directions happened really fast, and again, I was extremely lucky. There is no other word for it.

Do you remember something about your audition on SB? Robin Wright was there? Do you remember if you signed for a long term or short contract?
Sure, I recall the SB audition. Robin was not there, as I don't know if she was cast at that point. The contract was for 3 years, but I stood firm and asked my agents to get me out after one year.
I didn’t let my family know I was one of the main characters on the show. I figured they would find out soon enough and didn’t want to advertise I had left architecture to do the TV gig.

Santa Barbara was a brandnew show and you were part of it since episode #1. Which were the biggest challenges of being part of a newborn show?
The early days of the show are still a blur. Time stood still as I struggled to grasp as much as possible as quickly as I could. I had no experience and was flying by the seat of my pants. My assumption that because of my inexperience the writers would initially go easy on me was the exact opposite of reality.
Robin Wright, my ‘love interest’ on the show, along with Dane Witherspoon, the third member of our ‘love triangle,’ were worked to the breaking point.
We waited hour upon hour in our dressing rooms, running page after page of stiff dialogue from a rapidly revolving door of hired and fired writers.
When we were finally called to the set in the middle of the night, we would shoot back-to-back scenes with no rehearsal. It was complete madness due to the show being behind schedule. Robin, Dane, and I were the focus of the show at the beginning, and I was clearly in new and incredibly challenging territory.
At the onset, the line producers of the show were constantly pushing me to ‘emote’ more. I resisted, as it felt phony to push their one-dimensional dialog to levels that felt embarrassing.
The story line was that my character, ‘Peter Flint,’ was growing jealous of ‘Joe’ (Dane), as he sought to reunite with his lost love, ‘Kelly’ (Robin).
My instincts were to work against the dialog, as jealousy only ends in defeat. As an actor, I wanted to respect the character. But this is not what the producers desired. They wanted visible torment to consume my character. In other words, be a loser.
A Martinez as "Cruz"
Some of the greatest roles written in theatre and film are of ‘losers,’ but this was not one of them. I also questioned the idea of playing this kind of character every day, and how it would affect me personally.
There was a choice—I decided if they were going to push me, I was going to push back.
A Martinez, an actor on the show I respected, had years of experience and knew how to make the absurd, plebian dialog flow naturally. After we became friends, he explained that he rewrote almost every word of his dialog and presented it to the producers at 7AM on the day of shooting to get approval for the changes. I had no idea this was possible.
From then on, each night before shooting, I spent hours finding ways to change the words on the page to something that was more intelligent and fitting of the character.
‘Peter’ was, after all, a college professor—like me.
Each day I worked became a battle. But I did not give in. Finally, after several months, the producers relented and let me write and say whatever I wanted as long as it was consistent with the story line. I was actually enjoying myself and my performances complemented by many. Soap mags said ‘Peter’ was one of the most interesting characters on the show.
At one point, Dame Judith Anderson, the Oscar nominated actress and matriarch of the series, came up and we giggled about the odd ‘tick’ I did with my mouth when ‘Peter’ was going nuts.
Eva Marie Saint told me to never stop acting.
That first year, the other actors on the show nominated me for an Emmy. It felt good to be accepted by my peers in a profession I had just begun.

Robin Wright's Kelly & Stephen Meadows' Peter
“Santa Barbara” was a newborn show so, as you said somehow, it took a few months to find the right way: I mean there is a character on paper, then comes the actor and they need to discover each other until the writer find out how the character could fit the actor and viceversa. Definitely it takes time and a lot of failed attempts, but when the right balance is found, wow you all made a great job and Peter Flint is one of the most loved villain still today! I personally think the character’s peak has been the shocking “Carnation Killer” storyline: Peter got crazy and so obsessed with Kelly than he can’t stop to kill every single blond girl he sees around. When it first aired in Italy I was 10 years old and I remember I was really scared by it, but excited at the same time (you have been the firt one to give me the pleasure to be scared, thanks for this!). When I asked to Bridget Dobson how that storyline was conceived, she told me that they had accidentally cast too many blondes on the show. They were too beautiful and similar.  It was almost hard to distinguish between them. So they found a solution (and had a few laughs) as they devised the Carnation Killer storyline to get rid of them. Did you know? By the way, my question is: it was so easy to get obsessed with Robin Wright? She is my fav actress since then, could you tell me everything you remember about her, your relationship, her attitude with others, please?
Robin is an amazing girl. We had great fun and laughed a lot after the crazy 'stalking' scenes. When I started the show, Robin was 18 and I was 34, so I was somewhat of an 'older brother' off camera. Of course, the audience did not know our real age difference. She and Dane were also very involved at the time and I had a live-in girlfriend. Robin's personality is that of an effervescent, friendly and outgoing woman. When I see her performances as an 'ice queen' today, I laugh because I know she is not at all like those characters and imagine her belly-laughing after shooting some of the stuff that is very serious. She's a great actor.
I ran into her and Sean Penn a few years ago in Santa Monica. She ran across the lobby of the hotel and jumped in my arms. That's the Robin I know.
One fact about the old daytime soaps, a different writer writes each show. There are not separate writers for each character. Therefore, an actor's task is to make words from different writers 'real.' Very challenging, which is why I started rewriting all my lines.

You left the show on February 1985. One year later you were asked to come back for a few episodes as Peter “ghost”. Then you starred on many tv series and movie till 1999, when you seem to have left the acting career. Why? Would you reconsider your choice, if a good role come to you?
In the mid-90’s, I worked on a TV movie series in the Virgin Islands. The production company was cutting corners, and as a result, the cast and crew were subjected to dangerous safety conditions. In one incident, three people received gunshot wounds due to improperly handled ammunition.
Without getting too detailed, another member of the cast and myself reported the violations to the proper union officials. It took a few years to get around that I was a “whistleblower”, but eventually, the badge of ‘difficult’ was obtained.
I think being fortunate enough to focus my life in different directions provided the courage to stand up for what is right.
I will always love acting and have been offered a few roles since. But as life is shorter, my time is better devoted to my kids and ventures I am passionate about. I would love to play and old redneck-moonshiner or disturbed drifter, but those fun character roles seem to elude me.

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Exclusive interview with Suzanne Marshall (Maggie Gillis on "Santa Barbara")

It is during the hostage crisis by Peter Flint at the Perkins house that we meet a new officer of the city: the young police sergeant Maggie Gillis. Maggie comes on her own to propose to Cruz to serve as a bait, by disguising herself as Kelly Capwell to enter the house. However, during the hostage crisis, she is unable to shoot Peter Flint, which could have put an end to the drama (synopsis from “Santa Barbara: le site francais”).

Suzanne Marshall, who left the acting career in 1997, has grant an exclusive interview to the Santa Barbara Blog, remembering her beginnings, "Santa Barbara" of course and sharing her current life with us. Enjoy!

How acting came to you?
Well it was always in my blood I suppose. My mother was a professional singer and both of my sisters were actors. I guess you can say I started as in infant as my older sister put on plays and I was always the baby in them LOL. Acting was always one of my great passions, even when I was young. Horses and singing were the other two (although I did toy with the idea of being an astronaut!). I got my first pro job while still in college at UCLA on the soap Capitol. I was classically trained, focusing on Shakespeare (oh the hours spent rehearsing with a cork between my teeth for enunciation LOL). To me it was always about taking people to places they had never been before - making them feel things - making them see things differently.  So acting was very much a family affair.

I didn’t know you were on CAPITOL. Do you remember what was your character name and what was the plot?
I played the young Clarissa McCandless...Constance Towers...In her flashbacks.

How SB came to you? Do you remember your audition? Was it with John Allen Nelson?
I was visiting my folks in CA. I lived in NYC at the time. My LA agent called me to audition. It was with a John Allen... what a sweetheart! Such a nice guy! We had a lot of fun.

And... you got the role of Maggie Gillis, a police officer who fails her first mission: to kill the Carnation Killer. Do you remember your first day on set, starring with A Martinez?
Actually I remember it very clearly. I was pretty nervous having been mostly on stage. A Martinez was fabulous and funny and put me totally at ease. Its hard coming into a show where everyone knows each other and you are the "new kid" but A made sure I felt welcome. He talked to me about Shakespeare and made subtle jokes to me throughout the day.

Did you have any time to rehearse on set or was it like rush rush rush?
Well A had a classical background too so he and I liked to rehearse. Se we would meet in his dressing room to run our lines and talk about the scenes. Most of my scenes were with A or John Allen - John Allen would also rehearse with me.  The first day there really wasn't much rehearsing but John Allen was there that day - even though we had no scenes and he made sure to make me feel comfortable. I was very fortunate.

Bridget and Jerome Dobson - the creators of the show - were known for taking risks with their storylines and Maggie story was definitely a powerful and risky one: she was married with a tetraplegic husband and suddenly she began to feel sexually attracted by Warren, feeling guilty soon after. I think that it was kinda of minefield to explore on daytime back then. How was the audience reaction to that story and your feelings about it?
The audience was upset with me at first for not shooting LOL - Joe died because of me. But as they got to know Maggie I got some lovely feedback. Personally I thought the story was interesting and there was certainly enough to sink my teeth into. Also being raised by a woman in a wheelchair (she had had polio as a child but was a very active mom - still is at 85!) did perhaps give me a different take than others. I don't think I thought of it as being a risky storyline - I was used to Shakespeare - now talk about risky storylines LOL. It was just my story to tell and was a great chance to make people think about things.

When I said “risky”, I thought to the typical daytime audience: exploring the sexual life of a married woman “unfaithful” to her tetraplegic husband was not so common on soaps. Let’s talk about the 2 different actors who played Ben Gillis, your husband. I can imagine the director saying them “don’t talk, don’t move”. Poor actors LOL Any memory of them?
Oh looking back I agree the story was "risky" for the audience. I just didn't really think about it at the time.  Gosh - for the life of me I can't remember the actors names - isn't that terrible of me! Well it has been 34 years LOL. The first actor to play Ben was a super guy. He used to make jokes about moving his finger or something when he wasn't supposed to. The second actor was only there for a couple shows if I remember correctly. But - yea - it was pretty frustrating for them. The first actor kept hoping they would let him "come it of it".  I remember that it was the first actors birthday and a friend of mine (actually Mike Pniewski who does a lot of TV work in GA) and I went and found a street sign that had his name on it and we took it and I gave it to him for his birthday LOL.  Do you have their names?

Ahahah. What a nice anecdote!! No, there is no trace of their names, but I get their pic for you. Let me make an appeal to both of them: if you are reading this interview and you recognize in these pics, please contact me!

But Maggie's main love interest was of course John Allen Nelson's Warren Lockridge and I have to say that I felt a lot of chemistry between the both of you. Was it just my projection?
Aah John Allen... he was a sweetheart! There was definitely chemistry. But we were just friends. He had a lovely girlfriend that he ended up marrying.  Turns out he grew up with a good friend of mine from NYC.  Can’t think of anything funny off the top of my head...just was a lovely person he was. He was always making little jokes and making me less nervous.  Oh I remember the first day... he wasn’t in my first scene but was there to support me. Well the director’s voice came booming out from above our heads... I was startled as I had always had the director on set and so I looked up at the sky/ceiling. John came up to me and told me not to worry that it was just God putting his two cents in. That got me laughing and my nervousness went away. He was always there for me ... and the other actors too.  He was just terrific.  Gosh I hadn’t thought about all of this for so long.

Did you ever meet the creators/head writers of the show, Bridget and Jerome Dobson?
Yes... I met them before they cast me and once briefly after I left the show they came up to say how much they enjoyed my work.  They were very nice.

Toward the end you also had several scenes with Lane Davies and Joel Crothers, who died soon later...
Lane was very funny. Really laid back and had a really sharp wit.  Don’t remember Joel as well ... just that he was very down to earth and professional.

Then your storyline was suddenly dropped after just few months. Maggie backtracks and goes with Ben to New York. The 10 million dollars she finally wins in her fight against the Capwell Enterprises would be used to treat Ben and try to give him a better life. What really happened? Was it your decision to leave the show?
It was not my decision. Im not sure how accurate this is but I was told that a new producer entered into the picture and he wanted a friend of his in the Maggie role so they let me go. However A and John Allen didn’t want to work with the new actress so the role was cancelled.  I was understandably disappointed. Maggie and Warren were just making headlines and magazine covers.  At first I thought I had done something wrong, then it was explained to me. I believe that is why the Dobson’s searches me out at a party to tell me they enjoyed my work. I enjoyed the cast and crew of the show and was sorry to see it end but I moved back to NYC and moved on.

You worked both on Capitol (briefly) and SB. Did you notice any difference in the production? Which?
Not really as I only did a few shows on Capitol ... it was all so new as I had only done stage that it all seemed foreign to me.

What did you do after SB?
Mostly stage... off broadway, regional theater etc. Did a few days on General Hospital as they were exploring a new character but they decided against it. Lots of industrial films... but mostly stage. But I left the industry 20 something years ago. Was singing in a rock band for about 8 years and then left that too. Returned to my greatest love... horses. I own a training, breeding horse farm in NJ where I teach and train classical dressage, travel the east cost performing on horseback and teaching. I also breed Lusitano horses and Great Pyrenees dogs. It’s a fun life!  And when I miss the stage I just book a performance on one of my horses.

What would you like to say to all the people who still loves SB all around the world?
As with all performing, it is the audience that makes a show. SB is fortunate to have such a great group of fans.

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Exclusive interview with ROBERT BRIAN WILSON

Handsome and muscular actor Robert Brian Wilson was born in 1962 in California. Wilson made a solid and impressive film debut as tormented teenager Billy Chapman in the notorious and controversial sicko Santa seasonal slasher classic Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984).

But we, SB fans, loved him as Channing Capwell jr. on Santa Barbara (1984-1985 and 1991). Killed in the very beginning of the first episode, although he appears only very episodically during flashbacks throughout the show, the memory of Channing Capwell Junior does not cease haunting at each turn the main members of the Capwell clan.

Robert Brian Wilson, who "left" acting in 1992, has grant an exclusive interview to Santa Barbara Blog, rembering his beginnings, the controversial slasher movie, Santa Barbara of course and sharing his current life with all of us. Enjoy!

Can you tell me something about the young Robert Brian before his acting career?
I was born in Long Beach, California. As a child I loved all types of sports. I played baseball, basketball, swimming! When I was very young we moved to nearby Cerritos, California. It was there that my parents had a swimming pool built for the family. Me and my sister and two older brothers spent many days out at the pool! We all enjoyed playing and competing. As a teenager I continued being very active athletically. I also added soccer, and water skiing to my list of things to enjoy. Although, my favorite sport in high school was football.
I had lots of fun growing up. Lots of great friends in my neighborhood, always playing in the streets of our tracked homes!
I have wonderful parents and a great family. We love and care for each other very much! I am very proud of my brothers and sister. All of them very successful, and more importantly they are good, caring people with great hearts! (You would like them)!

Robert Wilson as Billy on "Silent Night, Deadly Night"
How acting came to you?
I was discovered by a talent manager from Hollywood. I was in Palm Springs with my girlfriend (now my wife, Michelle) enjoying a spring break from college. We had just finished dinner and we were exiting the restaurant when this gentleman approached Michelle and I and asked if I were a actor. I said no, I am not. He said, he would like to represent me in Hollywood. I asked why he thought he could represent me?what was it? He said he watched me all night, he had watched me interact with the waiter staff, he and watched me interact with Michelle he even watched how I behaved when I paid my bill. Needless to say, all of this made me very uncomfortable. I never had any desire to do anything in Hollywood. I thought he might be a bit strange. As our conversation ended he handed me a business card and asked that I call him the following week.
Michelle and I discussed it further, she said I should check it out. I said Hollywood? really? you think this guy might be legitimate? And she said yeah I think so?  Go and meet with him! If he's a weirdo, walk out!
I made the appointment. And the following week I was on my way to Hollywood. I entered his office and he was on the phone. One phone to his ear and another one was ringing...he was legitimately doing business. A very short hello and he handed me a script. He said go over it and will read through it in a little while. And he continued on the phone. He asked me on a couple of occasions if I was ready to read through it? And each time I replied not just yet. About the fourth time he asked, and I was about to say no again, was when he said oh come on man, let's just do it! I was very nervous, I had never done anything like this before. We stood in the middle of his office face-to-face each with a script in hand. We began reading through the script, and as each moment passed I became more and more comfortable with simply reading back and forth. When we finished he said good, you can read! I didn't know exactly what to think of that? Then, he said let's do it again. This time as we are reading through the script if you feel provoked in anyway to move, to run, to shout, whatever? To act on it. Again, a bit confused I said ok. We began reading through the script the second time. About half way into the reading he "poked" at me as he was saying his lines. I didn't like it, it kind of pissed me off.  But, I just continued reading and did nothing about it. We continued and then he poked me again, this time I grabbed him about mid chest and began him moving in backwards toward the wall as I was reading my lines! That's when he said OK!OK!OK!stop!stop!stop! YEAH! He said you can do this!!  I wasn't sure exactly what had just happened, but he was happy! I said why? How do you  know? He said, he wanted to see if I would be honest in the moment. If I would react or not? He said I was right on cue! He asked if I enjoyed it? At the time I really didn't know what to think. It was the first time I've ever experienced anything like it. I think I responded "yeah, that was great"! The adrenaline rush from that moment was similar to that which I used to experience playing sports! Then, he said seriously, this business, if you are interested does require a solid commitment. He added, I'm ready to take the next step if you are?  I told him thank you.  And that I would need to discuss this with my parents, and of coarse Michelle.
I guess it's pretty clear what happened next... I said yes! He said fantastic! He then sent me to a photographer where I established some head shots and a portfolio. I began acting classes, We put together a resume.  I then signed a contract with theatrical agent. And, began my Hollywood experience.

Robert Wilson as Billy on "Silent Night, Deadly Night"
I believe your first major role was the hot Psycho Santa on the horror cult “Silent Night, Deadly Night” (1984). I read somewhere that your feelings about the movie have been controversial. Is it true?
Yes, I was 23 years old when the film came out. There was quite a backlash from various groups of people who disagreed with the movie. And let's be honest the film is truly intense horror. And then to top it off it was our beloved Santa doing all of the killing. Lots of negativity surrounding the movie. The film was removed from all theaters country-wide. It was at that point I did an interview with one of our largest news magazines. In that conversation I agreed with the films critics... that the film was too over the top! Also, they started advertising the release of this film around Christmas? Not Santa! Obviously, people were not ready at Holiday season to see Santa running around sleighing and slashing the neighborhood. I think the production would have been better served to release it around Halloween? With all of that said and me being a young actor, for business reasons alone I needed some separation.  I wanted to work again! And there was a big cloud hanging over this film at that time. That is why I did not condone the film at that time.
Over 30 years have passed since the release of the film. My view has changed. When you are a young actor you do your very best to perform well in every opportunity. I auditioned for this film just as many other actors did.  I accomplished what I set out to do, I landed he job! This is an "R"rated film. I think that means mature audience only.? 
Now I embrace the film. It's funny, it's provocative and scary. It tells the story well. Confused Billy Chapman and the sad story which became his life. Ha! Sympathy?
Last and certainly not least! The Horror fans!! Wow, they are the absolute best film fans in the world! They love their films! And now I very humbly cherish their support!

Then you moved from Psycho Santa to Santa Barbara, I mean the NBC show. How “Santa Barbara” came to you? It happened before SNDN, right? Do you remember something about your first audition?
I made the movie in 1983.  I believe, Santa Barbara was first broadcast in 1985 or 86. I first read for the part of the younger brother Ted Capwell. The producers decided I was too old for that role. They asked me if I might be interested in reading for the role of the older brother Channing Capwell. Although, they explained it came with a cost. The cost being that Channing would be killed in the first episode of Santa Barbara's existence.  The story line was "who killed Channing Jr.  Of course, as I have said before... I was looking for work! I took the job. And it turned into many reappearing opportunities in flashback scenes!

Do you ever met the creators and EP of the show, Bridget and Jerome Dobson? Any memories of them?
Yes. I received a final call back to read for the role of Ted Capwell. It was on that day that I briefly met both of them. I recall them being genuinely very kind!

Robert Wilson as Channing jr on "Santa Barbara"
“Santa Barbara” opens with the murderer of this hero of the modern America, during a reception given in his honor in the Capwell mansion. The death of Channing Junior marks the end of the dreams of glory of his father too. Do you remember something from that day on the set? I mean, it was the first episode of a new born show, can you remember the atmosphere around you and how you felt?
The set was beautiful. I had never seen a daytime TV studio like it. The lighting and scenery was incredible. This was NBC's brand new state of the art studio in Burbank. I felt a sense of excitement being that it was the first episode of Santa Barbara. I recall everyone being very much on point! In my opinion Santa Barbara's production value was as good or better than any day -time show to this date. Not only the cast but the crew were always most professional! Looking back it was truly an honor to be a part of it.

All major characters were suspected to be the killer. From then on it begins the major show storyline: “Who shot Channing jr?”. But finally, it will turn to be that it is Sophia, his own mother, the author of the fatal shot. It was a very well written storyline with many exciting twists. The revelation was a very emotional scene . Did you happen to watch something at the time? Do you remember something from that day on the set? I believe everyone was forbidden to reveal something before it aired…
I'm sorry to say, at that time I wasn't very involved in the day-to-day processes of the Santa Barbara production. A lot of time had passed since the first episode. My guest appearances were not as often. As always, I recall the production being as professional as ever.

One of the major twists I was talking about it was that during investigations we found out that Channing jr, the golden boy, had a secret homosexual relationship with Lindsay Smith, a friend he seems to have met at the time of his law studies. Did you know you played the first gay male character on daytime television? How do you feel about that?
Wow, really? I wasn't aware. But great!

Do you have any memories from the set, anecdotes with other actors?
No not really. Unfortunately, after the first year, my involvement with Santa Barbara was minimal. Although, as I have mentioned the cast and crew were always most professional.

Do you know that Robin Wright debuted on SB as your younger sister, Kelly Capwell? Do you remember her? Any memories?
Unfortunately, I didn't have any scenes with her. Although, when she was working on other parts of the show while was around she was always very kind and very professional.

Paul Burke (CC), Ava Lazar (Santana) and Robert Wilson (Channing jr)
Now maybe you can solve a mistery: in 1991, seven years later your debut on SB, the producers brought back your character from the death.  His ghost came to haunt Eden, his younger sister. He even ended up possessing her and claiming revenge after all these years. Becomed him, by procuration, Eden tried to kill Sophia. Since Channing's face was half obscured, I'm not sure that you were the actor. Can you confirm that they called you to bring back Channing after all these years? 
Yes, I recall being called back for scene in the mirror. All of the lines spoken on my behalf were done off-stage. On some occasions the would replay, or use my likeness in flash back scenes.

Robert Wilson on "Dynasty" (1988)
What happened to you after SB and why you left the acting career?
I left the acting business to do the best by my family. At the time, Michelle and I  had our two young sons. I wanted a job that offered me and my family more consistency. Acting was no longer the most important thing in my life. Acting can become a very selfish, ego driven endeavor. My main focus was and still is my family. I would not sacrifice family for Hollywood. I created new avenues of income. Michelle and I purchased a home in Burbank, Ca. This is where we had our daughter. I am extremely proud of my family.  My children's achievements are far too many to mention. I never questioned my choice to leave Hollywood. The moment my first child was born I knew that my life had changed. In that instant I became acutely aware that my life was no longer about me. It was about my family. Michelle and I doing our very best to provide, nurture and grow our children to be the best they could be. Looking back...I have not one regret leaving Hollywood when I did. I do not believe that my family would be where we are, had I continued. Note; in the very near future my family will be raised, and caring for themselves. At about that same time I will be retiring from my current occupation. At that time, I plan then to make 100 percent return to Hollywood. I cannot wait!

At the end of our interview I have to thank you for your kindness and to tell that you were the most beautiful boy I ever seen on screen. I really had a major crush on you when I was 10 years old. What is beauty for you?

Beauty to me is more than just what pleases my eyes. Beauty to me is what moves and touches my soul. With that said, I see beauty all around me, from the grandest expressions through music and film, to the simplest moments, like a beautiful day, or a kind and genuine gesture from one person to another. People with good hearts are most beautiful!

lunedì 8 maggio 2017

Lane Davies on Prague

Have you always dreamed of seeing Lane Davies on stage? Fine, now it’s more than possible. Lane Davies (ex-Mason Capwell) will direct and play Don Quixote in “Man of La Mancha” at Divadlo Na Pradle in Prague. Based on the novel by Miguel de Cervantes, this play within a play mixes fact and fiction, starting with Cervantes himself in prison, staging the story of Don Quixote as his defense – inspired by the real-life trial of Cervantes as a heretic. The original 1965 Broadway production ran for 2,328 performances and won five Tony Awards, including Best Musical. The show, performed in English with Czech surtitles, runs from May 18 to June 17, 2107. What are you waiting for? Buy your ticket on Prague Shakespeare Company and enjoy! I’ll be there in May 23. 

Oh, Nathan (Lane’s handsome son) has a role too in the play.

venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

Wolf Muser plays Adolf Hitler on a web series

Wolf Muser as Hitler
A glimpse into an alternate history of North America. What life after WWII may have been like if the Nazis had won the war. This is the synopsis of the sci-fi series The man in the high castle (2015-) produced by Amazon and based on the 1962 novel of the same name by American science fiction author Philip K. Dick. At the time of the events in The Man in the High Castle, Hitler is in his early 70s and is rumored to be in poor health, possibly suffering from Parkinson's Disease. And who else better than Wolf Muser (Marcello Armonti on Santa Barbara) could play the evilest character ever? No one, of course. After leaving Santa Barbara in 1985, Muser never stopped working and still he is always very busy as a guest star on several successful tv series, like Bones, Grimm and many others. 

venerdì 2 settembre 2016

Where are they now: ROBERT BRIAN WILSON

Handsome and muscular actor Robert Brian Wilson was born in 1962 in Cerritos, California. Wilson made a solid and impressive film debut as tormented teenager Billy Chapman in the notorious and controversial sicko Santa seasonal slasher classic Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984).

But we, SB fans, loved him as Channing Capwell jr. on Santa Barbara (1984-1985 and 1991). Killed in the very beginning of the SB first episode and although he appears only very episodically during flashbacks throughout the show, the memory of Channing Capwell Junior does not cease haunting at each turn the main members of the Capwell clan. "It was a difficult decision I had to make quickly," said Wilson. "I had tested for the role of Ted Capwell, which went to Todd McKee, and they asked me if I would be willing to play Channing even though it would be limited... very. I thought about it a bit and decided it was work and somebody had to do it. Since the character wasn't going to be too recognizable, they hope they could work me in later in another role."

Robert had regular recurring roles on the soap operas Search for Tomorrow (1986) and Generations (1990). Wilson did guest spots on TV shows as Dynasty (1988). Moreover, Robert can be seen in copious flashback footage as Billy in the delightfully twisted sequel Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987).

Wilson quit acting in 1992. Today he’s 53 years old and, although he has remained completely out of the limelight ever since, he’s still managed to do very well for himself. He opened up an extremely lucrative trade show business, which has allowed him to purchase homes in New York and California. He also met the love of his life, who he married and fathered three children with. 

UPDATE: In 2016 Wilson reprised his acting career starring on the tv movie "The Wrong Roommate" with Eric Roberts and Vivica Fox. Are you curious to see Channing jr coming back from death?

martedì 8 marzo 2016

NANCY LEE GRAHN shares her abortion story

In a very personal blog post for the nonprofit organization A Is For, which is dedicated to advancing women's reproductive rights and ending the stigma against abortion care, Nancy Lee Grahn (Julia Wainwright on SANTA BARBARA) shares that she chose to have an abortion in her mid-20s.

 The Emmy-winning actress reveals that despite using birth control, she was "shocked, scared and overwhelmed" to learn she was carrying a child. However, she explains she was never uncertain about what she had to do.

 I knew I was not ready, prepared, or willing to be a mother at that time,” she writes. “I never once wavered in my belief that this was not the man with whom I wanted to, or should raise a child. Simply put, I was resolute in my decision to terminate my pregnancy, and grateful for those that tirelessly fought for my right to make that decision about my own body, and my own life. I was relieved that I lived in a time where I would not be shamed, confronted or harmed by others while walking into my nurturing doctor's office for this safe and legal procedure.”

 In the personal essay, which you can read in its entirety here, Grahn also shares that she feels no regrets about having made the choice to give up her child. “The entirety of my short pregnancy and abortion was a deep and transcending experience. It is my story. It is my truth, and no one else's,” she writes. “It belongs to me, and I cherish it. It helped me evolve as a person, and fueled my desire to be a good mother into actual manifestation when I gave birth almost 20 years later to the love of my life, Kate. It was ultimately a profound experience for which I have no regrets.”


Proud of you, Mrs. Grahn.

venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

Where are they now: WOLF MUSER

Wolf Muser was born on October 23, 1950 in Germany. He moved to the United States at early age where he graduated from college at the UCLA in Los Angeles, California, in 1968. Mr. Muser has an acting career which started in 1975 and in 1983 he appeared as Kurt Voightlander on CBS drama Capitol. Muser starred on SB from January 1985 to June 1985 as Dr. Marcello Armonti, stepson of Countess Armonti, who turns to be the real identity of Sophia Capwell. After leaving the show ,he had roles in TV series such as Matlock, MacGyver, Murder She Wrote, Walker Texas Ranger, The West Wing, Alias, Boston Legal, The Bold and the Beautiful and Desperate Housewives. Wolf Muser currently is 65 years old, still acting and lives in Los Angeles.

martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Where are they now? - SHERILYN WOLTER

Sherilyn Wolter was born on November 30, 1951 in Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA. When, at 20, Wolter decided to launch out herself in a career of actress, she quickly obtained a role in a TV show entitled B.J. and the Bears which lasted several seasons. Then in 1983 she was hired for General Hospital as Celia Quatermaine, until the day the producers of Santa Barbara call her. "One of the writers of the soap for which I worked had been just engaged for Santa Barbara. He recommended me for a role that he had especially written for me. My character names Elena Nikolas, explains the actress. To preserve her anonymity, she makes her called Eleanor Norris. She is in fact the illegitimate daughter of C.C. Capwell, and holds her real identity secret in order to be able to move with complete freedom in the family and to create dissension there. And she does not abstain from it !" When the role was proposed to her, Sherilyn Wolter was enthusiastic. "The proposal fell one cannot better. For three years, I had interpreted a finical character in another soap. By reading the scenario, I immediately knew that the role would be appropriate to me."

She just played the role from April to October 1987, but she was able to give a so great performance that she is rightly considered one of the best villain ever of SB. I still can remember how much I was shocked when Elena died in CC's arms, saying "Cruz killed".

After leaving the show, she also briefly replaced Hunter Tylo as Taylor Hayes in The Bold and the Beautiful in 1990, and appeared as George on Guiding Light in 1993. Wolter played a blinded artist in the 1989 film Eyewitness to Murder, Mitch's girlfriend in the first season of Baywatch (1990) and Justine Strickland in the 1992 miniseries Judith Krantz's Secrets. Then she has also made numerous guest appearances on several television series.

She left Hollywood in 1994, has never married, has no children and is currently residing in Hawaii selling sarongs in a shop there and writing a class to teach acting for non-actors.